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State of the Nation: Take Nigeria Back to Parliamentary System, Veteran Journalist to President Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has been called upon to look beyond ethnic colorations in his appointments so as to move Nigeria forward.

The call was made on Thursday by a veteran Journalist, Dr. Uwadiegwu Ogbonnaya, while interacting with on the state of the nation.

He faulted the attitude of President Tinubu regarding appointments into positions, stressing that qualified hands and technocrats should be appointed not minding the geo-political zone they come from.

Ogbonnaya also made case for Parliamentary system of Government, insisting that Nigeria will benefit a lot if the country should go back to the Parliamentary system of Government just as he maintained that its advantages outweighs the Presidential system as issues of quota system, sharing of power among the three tiers of government, is properly spelt out in a Parliamentary system.

He stressed the need for the President Tinubu led Federal Government to lead Nigeria back to the 1963 constitution which made a lot of provisions regarding the resources of the country , issues of state police. adding that presidential system of government makes the president too powerful.

The veteran journalist charged the federal government to look into various reports as organized by previous administrations including the administration of Olusegun Obasanjo and that of 2014 Confab as organized by the Former President Goodluck Jonathan, insisting that those reports proffered solutions to the problems Nigeria is confronted with today.

He equally charged President Tinubu not to renege on his promise of restructuring the country as he has constantly stated, stressing that the country is at a crossroad at the moment and cannot advance further.



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