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Scabies: Visit Veterinary Doctor to Save Your Livestock, Dr Onuoha Advises Nigerians

The Director, Animal Zone Veterinary Services, Okigwe, Imo State, Dr. Onuoha Patrick, is urging people to be mindful of Scabies or Mange in dogs, saying it ravages the skin of dogs and also humans.

The Vet Doctor who gave the advice while speaking with newsmen on Sunday in Okgwe, Imo State, said Scabies or Mange, is caused by microscopic Demodex mites that live in the dog’s hair follicles.

According to him, Demodex mites are normal inhabitants of a dog’s skin, adding that it causes the skin infection with symptoms like inflammation, hair loss, reddish skin patches, itching, if the immune system cannot control the mite population (e.g. young or malnourished dogs).

Dr. Onuoha noted that Scabies attacks some of the domestic animals: dogs, cats, horse, ruminants, goats, sheep etc noting that it can also affect human beings. He added that it is transmitted through direct contact with affected animal or by indirect contact with infected beddings and grooming instruments.

He said Scabies or Mange, causes inflammation, rashes skin irritation and itching in human beings, among other symptoms, revealing that treatment in human beings is through application of certain creams, total fumigation of the affected environment and good personal hygiene.

Dr. Onuoha hinted that it can be treated in animals with the use of certain injectables and by topical application of insecticides and also fumigation of affected environment with insecticides. He advised those whose livestock are affected by Scabies to visit the nearest veterinary hospital for treatment.

Scabies is contagious, intensely itchy skin condition caused by a tiny, burrowing mite.

Scabies is contagious and spreads quickly through close physical contact in a family, school or nursing home.



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